I asked Wild Bill what did he learn after playing blackjack for the first year? He replied that he had learned two valuable lessons, namely: the lesson of losing and the lesson of winning.

The lesson of winning is: “Don’t be too greedy”. Multiple small wins are as good as one big win. Even if a game is super good, you don’t want to spend too much time with the pit bosses. Get a profit and get out. The default rule is game as long as the game is good, but I would extend it to play as long as the game is good and you don’t get any attention.

How did you get the nickname Wild Bill? And how does a professional casino player get a nickname?

“I answer the second part first. Gambling nicknames are usually given by another professional casino player or potential teammate, usually early in your gaming career. I have been given several nicknames over the years. Sahara Dave and Tuscany Tom are some of the other names that have been assigned to me. The name Wild Bill was given to me by a potential team that I met for the first time in Wild Bill’s gambling salon ”.

What about the names Sahara Dave and Tuscany Tom?

“The Sahara Dave name came from an announcement made by a friend of mine with another professional casino player. We made a short call and decided to meet in a restaurant on Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas. When we first met, I told him my name was Dave. After the meeting, I felt comfortable enough to say, “Hey, my real name is Mike. He replied: “I’m sorry, but I have already entered you on my phone as Sahara Dave”. So that’s how this name came about. The Tuscany Tom name originated in a similar way. Many players get their nicknames this way.

How long have you been professionally active in gambling?

“I’ve been involved in gambling for almost 40 years. At first it was only on vacation and then once a month, and finally it was every weekend. At that point, I was treating it as a part-time job. I was able to start working as a professional casino player in the late 1950s. I had saved enough and had learned enough over the years that it was very doable, so I decided to give it a try. ”

Which game do you focus on as a professional casino player?

“The essence of a professional casino player is to always be looking for opportunities. The classic game that every professional gambler started with is blackjack. This game will always be there, but making money with this game is getting harder and harder every day. As a result, a professional gambler is looking for new opportunities. Every game is beatable under the right circumstances; the player just needs to know what to look for. This involves a lot of game scouting, which can be very time consuming. A player has to think of a way to beat a casino game and then test it using computer simulation, usually they have to write the computer program themselves and see if it works. This approach involves a lot of studies and a lot of thinking. There are few resources that offer these next-level insights. The most comprehensive resource is the rare book section in the UNLV library in Las Vegas.

“In general, we look for added value in our operations, stick to a solid mathematical strategy and hope for the best. A good professional casino player, or rather a good advantage player, has a huge range of tools because we know that a good game can go away overnight, but at the same time we know that a new opportunity can come up easily ”.

What is the typical day like for a professional casino player?

“First, there is no typical day for a professional casino player. And it really depends on which game we’re tackling. When we play, a lot depends on mixing with the crowd. That is why we strive to explore the congresses in the city and fit in with them. Another case is, when we tackle a 3-card poker game using pocket card methods, we can spend a day or two exploring dealers and games and trying to get schedule information from dealers by asking them questions like “You work.” always, do you never get a day off? ” Luckily, the dealers reveal their schedules with minimal effort.

Where do you play Online casinos or land casinos?

“All over. To be a professional casino player at a high level, you need to be able to identify opportunities that they offer. You have to remain flexible in your practice, and that depends heavily on critical thinking. Anyone can use a system in which the actual ability stems from the development of the system and of course is not caught. Apart from that, I travel extensively in casinos all over the world, but mainly in the USA and I also use VPNs (Virtual Remote Access Points) to get access to an online casino. I do this when I see an opportunity in these online casinos. Many of the online options are based on fluctuating bonuses, where you get extra credits to play with when you play a certain amount.Casino no deposit bonus , so go wherever there are opportunities. The Internet has many resources on which players can assess the current possibilities.

What was your previous job and how do you compare it to the job of a professional casino player?

“I was trained as a lawyer and have practiced for almost 30 years. Comparing this to my role as a professional casino player is pretty easy. Many people compare professional casino players to stock traders. And I can see this justification because of the value orientation and the financial fluctuations that can occur. But I think it has a lot more in common with a lawyer, especially a defense lawyer. Because both aim to find and use gaps in a certain system. That is why both lawyers and professional gamblers loathe the institutions ”.

How has the casino gambling landscape developed over the past decades and what will it look like for professional casino players in a decade?

“On the one hand, the environment has become much more difficult for professional casino players in the past 20 years. Card counting is a pretty impossible task. Live blackjack games are also much more difficult to beat with the advent of continuous mixers and 8-deck shoes where the dealer cuts two decks. But on the other hand, increasing the number of casino games offered by casinos gives much more options for the smart player. Casinos in general drastically reduce bonus points to their players, and this also has a negative impact on the outcome of professional casino players. So it has gotten worse for the professional casino player over the years.

“I don’t see any change in this trend in the future. Many Las Vegas casinos charge their guests parking fees, and that doesn’t make the casino player happy. Bonus points keep falling and games are getting scarcer, so professional casino players have to search harder and think faster than they have in the past if they want to continue making money. ”